Riding on time

August 19, 2023by Editorial Team
Time for reflection

Time- it is the most valuable and ironically the most neglected entity all at once. It is one constant for each being on earth, yet each of us responds differently to it, resulting in multiple outcomes. The mode of conscious use of time requires an insight and not a prescription.

Follow your heart

In a world that often emphasizes logic, rationality, and conformity, the idea of following your heart might seem unconventional. But it is a guiding light that can lead us to authentic happiness and fulfilment. There have been moments in life when we have made decisions driven by our passion and inner conviction. Those were the times when we are aligned with our true selves and we feel a surge of energy that propels us forward. Following your heart doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind without a second thought. It’s about striking a balance between your emotions and your rational mind.
However this spontaneity needs to balance out with the art of time management, which one needs to cultivate. It’s about crafting a life where your choices reflect your values. Time is a gift, which when used used wisely, we can craft a masterpiece. We actually do great work and truly value time when we love what we do. One should keep searching for it if he has not found it yet. Do not settle for something easily if it does not make you happy. Take immediate action now and make a positive change before regret sets in and damages what could have been an unforgettable future.

Valuing ‘your’ time

Here it does not matter what other people think about your choices and opinions, since we lose out invaluable time in the process. In the words of Steve Jobs, we should keep in mind that ‘the most precious resource we all have is, Time”. Studies show that around 20% of adults procrastinate chronically. A 2016 study that analysed procrastination in several different age groups found that procrastination was highest in 14-to-29-year-olds; and 70-80% of people or more think about others opinions. We only dress to impress. The fact that we wait for affirmation from others rather than trusting our own instincts is a practice that merits correction. It is high time we realised that our own opinion does matter. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.


Learn from the past

This determines a process in which one cannot connect the dots forwards, but only backwards”. This way one can be in a better understanding of how all the different pieces of our life puzzles fit together. Looking forward it can be difficult to see how the different parts of our life will fit together but by looking backwards you can see how they already have. It all teaches us the things we learn in our past experiences shapes our future.

It’s about understanding that passion can drive you, but careful planning and critical thinking will provide the foundation for your dreams to flourish. Embracing this principle means being open to change, taking risks, and to learning from both successes and failures. It means standing tall in the face of adversity, fuelled by your inner compassion. Each one of us carries within us a unique blend of dreams, desires, and aspirations. These are the whispers of our hearts, the clues to our true purpose.


About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Park Circus, Kolkata: Devanshi Sengupta, Oishee Chakrabarty, Navya Tewari and Tabasmi Mandal.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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