A holistic approach to developing teachers and learner capabilities, with learning as an active and proactive process, Heutagogy, which International STEAM Research (ISR) promotes, is an extraordinary form of self-determined learning with practices and principles rooted in pedagogy and andragogy. In a heutagogical approach to teaching and learning, emphasis is placed on development of learner capacities and capabilities through learner autonomy with the goal of producing teachers and learners who are well-prepared for the complexities of future workspaces. With today’s affordance of internet, heutagogy is the way forward, as educators can develop and deliver using new technologies such as social media and various digital platforms. The term ‘Heutagogy’, originating from the Greek word “self”, was defined by Hase and Kenyon in 2000 as the study of self-determined learning.

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FREE STEAM@home activities

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