How vulnerable are we?

June 25, 2024by Editorial Team
We can make our choice

Our mental constructs vary with the situations we face; but none of these match the emotional outcome with our sense of vulnerability. Such is the enigma. However, we need not make such a heavy weather of it.

Understanding vulnerability

The word ‘vulnerability’, at its root means ‘able to be wounded’. It is the capacity to be authentically ourselves and share any part of our story, keeping ourselves unaffected by the judgement of others. This confidence stems from our courage of having integrated the learnings from life and healed our core wounds. Vulnerability thus becomes the willingness to show our true selves, including our fears, doubts, and imperfections. It is the strength behind knowing that we are not perfect. When we are open about our vulnerabilities, we connect more deeply with others. Even when we share our struggles with our friends, it can help build trust and understanding. A strong relationship gets built on the bedrock of honesty, which is quite powerful.


Vulnerability and the mind game

Our vulnerability mostly sends us into a sense of uncertainty, the big unknown tag- ‘what if’ . This is when we can make a choice: either feel weak and spiral down into fear, or turn our energy upwards to faith and trust that everything will work out. So we have to take ourselves out of that vulnerability to realise our real strength. Here there is no scope of feeling unworthy and ashamed of our failures. If we do not share our vulnerabilities, all the shame, blame, and guilt remain suppressed. Vulnerability is really a huge umbrella subject. Here those who are the most transparent people are the strongest.


The strength- weakness conundrum

We are always taught to be strong, hide our fears, and present a confident front. Embracing our vulnerabilities thus gets risky. However it is not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love, belonging, and joy.Accepting our faults is a sign of courage and dare.It does not mean that we need to over share emotions, disclose everything, weep uncontrollably but it is about being aware of our armour and not to numb our vulnerability.
Students face numerous challenges, pressures, and expectations. Vincent Van Gogh’s willingness to explore his inner emotions and conflicts through his art, gave us masterpieces that continue to inspire. How can we ever equate vulnerability with weakness, when in reality, it takes immense courage to face our weaknesses and show our true selves?


The gains from exposing our vulnerability

When we are not afraid to express our unique ideas, howsoever unconventional they may seem, our creativity and innovation grows. Great inventions have come from those who dared to be different and shared their unique thoughts.. Further, when we recognize our own struggles and emotions, we become more understanding of others’ experiences. This empathy is crucial in creating a supportive and inclusive community, that helps foster an environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. This openness to learning and growth can turn a weakness into a strength; a process that helps us develop perseverance and problem-solving skills.


Key learnings

Strength is best sought from within ourselves when we feel vulnerable or uncertain. This happens because the root core wound has not been healed. So let us identify that unhealed part of ourselves first. This empowers us to take risks and embrace new opportunities. For instance, participating in a debate competition might seem daunting, but by stepping out of our comfort zone and facing the possibility of failure, we learn and grow. Each experience, whether successful or not, adds to our knowledge and confidence.


About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from Auxilium Convent School, Dumdum: Pradatta Ghosh, Survi Agarwal, Damayanti Roy and Dipeksha Soni.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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