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ISR follows the principle of helping people to help themselves by providing impact oriented expert/professional services. Be it consulting or advisory services to corporates, educational institutions or social development organizations, our special focus is to support and develop people for Industry 4.0 and contribute towards a sustainable world.

With our team of experts who are certified by world certifying bodies, located in various countries across the globe and providing our services to our esteemed clients and partners, you can be rest assured that our services are among the best in the world and maintains the highest ethical standards.

We offer our services in:

Consultation for CSR Funding and Aid Effectiveness
Consultation for Mapping of curriculum for STEAM integration
Consultation for Designing of Time Table
Consultation for Formulating Lesson Plans
Consultation for STEM or STEAM Lab setup
Consultation for Educational Platform designing including flipped classroom
Consultation for Professional development of personnel
Conducting for On-site Experiential Workshops
Evaluation of Technology related vendors
Conducting Technology related audits

FREE STEAM@home activities

FREE STEAM@home activities

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