Nurture your mind

It has been a common human practise to prioritise the external than what lies within. The same applies for our strength. It is worth digging deep to find out why...

Mental strength versus Mental Health

When we talk about mental strength, what we’re actually talking about is emotional strength, which is the ability to deal with stress and challenges in a healthy way. Mental strength is sometimes misinterpreted as the absence of mental illness. However these two are not to be confused. Mental strength is all about effectively dealing with challenges, pressures and stress. Your mental strength can reduce the fear of failure when you work toward your goals.


Appreciate what you have

The father of Biodiversity, Prof. Edward Osborne Wilson had lost vision in one eye in his childhood. His single working eye was enough for him to discover more than one hundred new species of animals. The indomitable courage to be able to achieve with one’s available resources will pave the way for the sweetest and most amazing achievements. Thus having the mindset to appreciate and optimally use what one has, is itself a great sign of mental strength.

An open and receptive mind is what it primarily takes to be mentally strong

Having respect for different fields of knowledge and people from different spheres of work is a positive sign of mental strength. How devastating it would indeed have been if common people did not appreciate the contribution of researchers to prevent COVID, if policymakers did not respond on time, if healthcare workers did not give time and energy, or if the drug manufacturers did not come out with vaccines on time, or if the World Health Organisation could not inform the world on time. To fight against all odds, requires mass mobilisation and sacrifices. In this context, the New Education Policy also requires the involvement and participation of all sectors of the populace to realise the dream that is an aspiration for every child.

Tips to be mentally strong

Dan Millman had aptly remarked,“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.” This simple statement opens up the pathway to our mental strength.We can allow to build our mental strength as we honestly acknowledge our feelings, develop compassion, take small steps towards things we wish to avoid. As we work on our mindfulness, maintain a healthy lifestyle and can vent to our emotions to someone who truly understands us, we can get the inner confidence to help garner our mental strength.

About the authors

The article has been contributed by Mayanglambam Lakshmi and Bhavya Singhal from Mahavir Senior Model School, New Delhi.

Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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