My encounter with Mental Strength

October 19, 2023by Editorial Team
Embrace your inner strength

What makes one complete is his mental strength. More importantly, the realisation of its importance and struggle to acquire. Here follows an account straight from a young mind and heart...

My perspective

Mental strength is a measure of how resilient and confident we are when facing different circumstances.While for some, it is an emotion while for others it is all about having an unfettered mind even in unfavourable circumstances. It encompasses resilience, perseverance, self-discipline and the ability to handle stress and adversity.

A personal interface

Growing up, we are subject to a lot of changes around and in us. Be it the burdensome academics or fragmenting friendships, most of us are prone to being quite easily threatened by these. I too had the strong inclination to compare myself with my peers, in terms of physical appearance. For me it was stressful to align myself with the changing conditions concerning me. I was most perturbed in thinking about what others may think of me. I used to feel shelved by my friends and I did wrongly blame myself for being different from them. Little did I realize how this was affecting my emotions negatively. As I looked at my own problem with a keen insight, I came across Matthew Donelly’s quote, “The ability to continue moving when you are feeling scared, fearful or lazy is the sign of true mental strength.” This was strongly inspirational for me which empowered me to embrace the changing circumstance. I do not feel ‘shelved’ anymore. As I researched further, I did realize that each one of us goes through a completely different sets of feelings and emotions, which are in accordance with our own individual backgrounds. This realisation has helped me express myself vividly and I no longer allow my insecurities and dissatisfactions disappoint me. Now, I am mentally strong!


What I pledge to do

Thus having realised the utmost need to fortify myself with mental strength, I have summoned the courage to carry myself out appropriately. I shall express my thoughts whenever required with courage and conviction. I shall maintain an amiable attitude whenever in the face of challenges. It will be priority to keep my negative behaviour at bay.I also pledge to promote awareness of mental health as this is one of the ways that can help break the prevalent stigma around it. This, in turn, will pave the way for many others in their struggle towards becoming improved and fortified individuals.


My learnings to share

My immersive research on the importance of mental strength has given me a powerful insight into this domain.As I reflect on the state I have attained from what I had been earlier, I realise I have a deeper understanding of my own mental strength and resilience, and know where I can improve.I know how I can set for myself healthy boundaries in various aspects of life to protect my mental well-being. Now I have an increased capacity for empathy and support towards those who may be experiencing mental health challenges. Most importantly, I can now talk with more conviction and confidence on such topics with improved communication skills more openly with friends and family.

About the author

This article has been contributed by Kshitija Siddhanta, student of St. Joseph’s High School, Matigara, Darjeeling.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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