Exploring interdependence

November 18, 2022by Editorial Team

To lead sustainable lives and contribute to a sustainable world, we need to be interdependent. This connect extends far beyond our imagination- into all animate, inanimate, plants and objects, interlinked with the same bond of commonness. Thus, being ONE, it magically empowers us to exert a collaborative influence on our environment, literally, in a constructive way.

Dr Edgar Mitchell, the 6th person to walk on moon, had remarked on his journey towards the earth that the Newtonian idea of a discreet universe was not a fully accurate one. One needs to explore the real story to know what one is capable of becoming. The journey becomes convenient when one embraces the universe through collaboration, driven by the spirit of interdependence.


What is interdependence

Humanity is connected to all life on earth, of which we are an integral part. Thus each of our actions resonates deeply with that of  every other being, animate or inanimate. The primary source of existence of us all being the same, our lives are not discreet but interconnected and interdependent.


Involvement is all

In Physics there is an experiment to determine whether a particle is a quantum particle or a plain electron. Interestingly it is seen that when the scientist seeks to explore the wave properties, the particle demonstrates wave-like properties; and vice versa. This leads us to appreciating the underlying role of  consciousness in these matters. Einstein quite rightly said that the moment you are observing an experiment you are part of what is taking place and therefore you are influencing the way that the atoms and subatomic particles behave. 

What has a ubiquitous  presence, connecting all things is SPACE, occupied and demonstrated by all things present.  99.99999% of the atomic structure comprises space, yet we spend almost 100% of our time paying attention to the physical matter occupying 0.00001% of the space. We have an overt obsession with boundaries that separate one physical body from another, which in turn generate friction between people, sects and nations.


The power of thought

Collaborative thought is known to lower crime rate and warfare on the planet. The roots behind this enigma go down to the principles of Transcendental Meditation propagated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, also known as Maharishi Effect. It states that a group in meditation needs to be only the  size of the square root of 1% of a population to affect the entire population.  The group in meditation creates a coherent resonance in the unified quantum field, weakening the Incoherent, disruptive energies that generate violence and crime. A study had been conducted lasting 93 days over 2 years, where 6000-8000 people assembled in each meeting over 7 Peace Assemblies, held during the peak years of the Lebanon War. It was observed that during this phase when groups were meditating together in different countries, war-related fatalities dropped by 71%,injuries by 68%, other conflicts dropped by 48% and  cooperation between the sides at war increased by 66%. Outcomes on similar lines were documented In an exercise done in India during 1988-90.

This can be explained  that any idea that forms in our mind actually has a mass, howsoever miniscule it may be. It thus exerts gravity and can pull things toward it. When a multitude of people focusses on the same thought,this cumulative mass begins to grow, exerting gravitational pull. The force thus exerted has the potential to alter the physical world. This phenomenon is particularly significant because we inhabit and embody a worldview that largely sees individuals as discreet, oblivious of the power of interconnectedness.

Embodying interconnectedness  encourages environmental sustainability and social justice.  Kenny Ausubel, founder of Bioneers, says, “Taking care of nature means taking care of people, and taking care of people means taking care of nature.”


About the author

The article has been contributed by Biyaas Ghosh, student of Our Lady Queen of the Missions, Park Circus, Kolkata.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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