Creativity: a personal intervention

March 22, 2024by Editorial Team
Getting out of the closet

A deep and personal perception about creativity, with a mindful, fearless and holistic 360 degree approach.

What intrigues me about creativity

I perceive creativity as a force that drives innovation, inspires change and brings beauty to the world. Creativity is not limited to artists and musicians. It is a universal force that can be expressed in the way we solve problems, communicate ideas, cook a meal or even express our sense of fashion. It is something to be experienced and felt to be known, like the wind. A positive and respectful environment is essential for Creativity to thrive. What intrigues me most is that it is perceived differently across different cultures and societies. Each culture has its own unique artistic tradition, symbols and techniques that shape the way creativity is understood in its respective space.

How I correlate with Creativity

Everyone has her unique ways to express her creative thoughts and communicate them. It is this uniqueness that makes one’s creative expressions authentic. Everything I do may not be correct. However I do not shy away from doing them because realising my mistake helps me recreate something more meaningful. Moreover, it is a process that brings joy and a sense of purpose to our lives whether it is through art, music, writing or cooking.

My personal takeaway

Understanding the essence of creativity helps me expand my creative horizons and find unique ways to communicate my ideas and emotions. I embrace the learnings shared by others as much as my own. Thus, as I actively engage with different creative activities, I am able to enhance my ability to think creatively, communicate effectively and connect with others at a deeper level.

The extension of my learnings

As I identify and explore my creativity, I realise I have identified more creative abilities of myself. This makes me want to explore new ways of expressing myself, think outside and engage in creative activities such as music, design or writing. It also inspires me to collaborate with others, seek out new experiences and push the boundaries of my own imagination. I wish to embrace my unique abilities and unleash my creative potential. Most importantly, I would not like the ideas to remain restricted within my own self. I want to share my experiences with everyone else, collaborate with them in helping them identify their hidden talents and potential.


About the author

The article has been contributed by Baibhabi Mandal from Auxilium Convent School, Bandel.


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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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