The ‘Why’ of things

April 27, 2024by Editorial Team
The romance of questioning

Questioning oneself is essential for personal growth and self-awareness and it is curiosity that pushes us to ask questions and to seek answers. Curiosity is what drives scientists to uncover the mysteries of the universe and entrepreneurs to create new solutions to an old problem. So let us read through the critical questions behind questioning itself.

Decoding the word “Why”

Why is often the first word uttered in a quest for knowledge. When we ask “why,” we are actively seeking explanations and insights.The word serves as the gateway to understanding. When someone asks “why,” they are expressing a desire to comprehend the reason, cause, or purpose behind something. It’s the spark that ignites discovery and fuels our quest for knowledge and understanding. The word, which is a signifier of ‘Curiosity’ is like a superpower for the mind – it drives exploration, innovation, and learning.It inspires wonder, drives exploration and unlocks the full human potential and human creativity. For instance, the curiosity of the scientists in NASA has resulted in numerous discoveries, be it the planets or distant galaxies.


The importance of being curious

It was the question ‘why’ that arose in Newton’s mind as he spotted the apple falling from the tree that made Newton discover the theory of gravity. ‘Why’ helps us to provide clarity and insight into complex matters. By questioning ‘why’ we can identify root causes of problems or challengers, enabling us to develop effective solutions. The word sparks creativity and innovation.

Curiosity is not just a mere inclination; it’s the spark that ignites discovery, the fuel that propels progress, and the foundation upon which our greatest achievements are built. Curiosity encourages us to think outside the box, challenge assumptions, and seek novel solutions to problems. It inspires creativity by sparking new ideas and perspectives.

As we are inspired to ask “why” in our daily lives, we embrace curiosity and a questioning mindset. We are prompted to ask questions and think more critically. We are open to new experiences, asking questions, and seeking answers, which can lead to personal growth and understanding of the world around you. Curiosity fuels creativity and drives our learning progress.Questioning also drives innovation and progress by encouraging exploration and discovery.


Understanding curious people

Curious people have an attitude of humility that opens their minds to the fact that there are multiple ways to approach a task. Hence there are fewer group conflicts, better teamwork and more open communication. We embrace questions, not fear them.

Curious people listen without judgement and are not afraid to ask questions. To them, the greatest joy is when they get an answer that is a complete contrast to his expectation. It is a trait in everyone of us, however it remains suppressed in most. The curious man seeks clarification without inhibition.

Firstly , we can ask ourselves why are the things the way they are , for example “Why am I feeling tired?” , “Why is this task important?” .Whether it’s a habit or a reaction , understanding the motivation behind our behaviour will lead to personal growth. Secondly , we must not hesitate to ask “why” when we encounter something that we don’t understand . Seeking clarification can deepen our understanding and also prevent misunderstandings. Lastly , approaching each day with a mindset of curiosity and a willingness to learn .

Why ask the question “Why?

Thinking critically gives us the ability to ask why, that encourages a culture of exploration, knowledge, discovery, and wonder.By integrating the practice of asking “why” into our daily lives , we create a habit of critical thinking . We also get to know ourself more better and thereby we create a more purposeful life.



About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from St. Joseph’s High School, Matigara: Niharika Agarwal, Nandini Saraf, Kritika Patodia, Mehak Rathi, Avantika Mittal and Sachi Agarwal.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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