Realize the true value of time

August 25, 2023by Editorial Team
Live time to fullest

Time and its value are ever bewildering constructs, rightfully misconstrued in most occasions. It is in deciphering and decoding the mysteries that lies the mantra for true happiness and success.

Bewildered by time

Time, the intangible yet invaluable currency of life, governs our every action and decision. It’s a finite resource that demands our utmost respect and consideration. The complexities surrounding time make us really curious. Humans have an innate desire to understand the complexities of time. In real life, we are perplexed with the idea of time management, since we are mostly inept at handling it. This leaves many aspects about time unclear to us, leaving room for a lot of bewilderment and contemplation. This curiosity leading to bewilderment is necessary, for it is the catalyst that unlocks our profound insights.


How to find the value of time

However it is when this bewilderment is translated to tangible worth for ourselves that the value of time can be truly ascertained. This is done, as Steve Jobs suggests, when we connect the dots backwards with our past life experiences. In fact, our lives are but a line connecting a series of dots. These dots are nothing but moments, decisions, successes and failures.  As we pursue our passions and interests in life, we realize that these might have had their seeds sown in some trivial and apparently insignificant event. Therefore we lead our lives with a great leap of faith- a  grounded belief that those dots will connect -somehow and someway.

However time has proved those very ideas represented by the dots to align with our future life choice and priorities. Connecting with these ideas is not merely an intellectual exercise, but a chance to reshape our path forward.

Lifelong learning in time

As we thus connect with life and its values, we  envision the future we want to shape for ourselves. What actions can you take to weave the lessons of time into your daily fabric? How can you catalyze change within your circle, inspiring others to value and optimize their time? Such are the questions that define our trajectories of thought. The solution lies in embracing the power of continuity, for true transformation requires persistent efforts. As we share the wisdom thus gained, we witness the ripple effect it creates all around.

Thus we arrive at a natural deduction that  time is our most precious asset that needs to be invested with deep caution. One should be accountable for every passing moment, and commit oneself wholly into it. So let us do what we love and not settle for anything less.  By valuing time and following our true calling, we can achieve extraordinary things.


About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from St. Anthony’s Convent School, Jaigaon, Cooch Behar: Harsh Singhal, Sreej Pradhan, Jayshree Prasad, Nalina Siwa and Rupali Santhal.

Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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