Humour in leadership

September 29, 2022by Editorial Team
Add a punch to leadership with humour

A dash of humour spices lives; and when it comes to leadership, it gets imperative. Leadership in this perspective, has the potential to change global equations.

The dichotomy: why a leader needs humour

Leadership can be best understood as the process of encouraging people to work enthusiastically towards their aims and objectives. It is thus ironical that leadership and humour together have never been encouraged. However, a person having both these qualities in their best of capabilities can bring forth the most revolutionary outcomes. In fact there is nothing amiss even if the leader has an absolute casual disposition. Leading in such a way will set the bar very high and give us the best medicine to cure all problems. A blend of the two majestic character traits- humour and leadership goes hand in hand and does wonders.

A good leader is someone who is an effective communicator and by communicating in a clear, positive way creates a path for the rest of the team to follow. He is honest, passionate and humble. An expression of humour creates a positive environment and inspires trust from others. This makes humour a vital attribute in a leader.


The leaders we want

We require leaders who will not make us feel ashamed of making mistakes; instead, they will make us feel that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are a vital part of life without which achieving success is impossible. A harsh leader does not help us open up our doubts or problems. Whereas, on the other hand, if our leaders are someone who can cheer us up with a joke, we will always look up to them in times of need. A humorous leader will always help us be ourselves. They will make us realize, its okay not to be perfect all the time. Leaders now more than ever, have the ability to lead by example by bringing humanity, humour and vulnerability to team communications. A humorous leader delivers an important message in a humorous and ingenious way.


The importance of humour

Laughing diffuses bad stress, enhances problem solving skills and elevates the mood. It helps in improving cooperation and empathy among people and ultimately helps in creating a positive work environment with meaningful connections and an optimistic approach to every problem. Humour is the inevitable tool to create the first impression. Our favourite people are those who make a meaningful connection with us and create a zone of comfort around us, which is invariably created by humour.


The real-life connect

As students we find that the captains who are humorous are most approachable and relatable; they need not make any extra efforts to become likeable by others. A serious and detached expression creates boundaries of misunderstandings and increases distance. We should all try to be a leader. Even when one is not spontaneously ready to take up the role, it helps magically by simply trying to put up a smile on the face. Many difficult and serious situations can be made easy with a touch of humour.

About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from St. Joseph’s HIgh School, Matigara, Darjeeling: Dhruvika Kithania, Shatakshee Datta, Sreejita De and Divyansha Agarwal.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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