The hidden strength in vulnerability

June 6, 2024by Editorial Team
Inner strength

Intriguing as it may seem, our deepest happiness lies in our deepest weaknesses. The barriers are high, though. All it needs is to expose our innermost fears to see the magic.

Vulnerability- a fine dissection

Vulnerability may be looked upon as a mix of emotions like anger, shame, fear, anxiety and insecurities. It is a complex feeling that largely dictates our lives. All our actions in life are either a result of our confidence or a lack of it, which makes it important to use our vulnerabilities to our benefit to be more efficient in what we do, rather than be consumed by it. This is where our will power comes into play. Vulnerability can thus make or break us, depending on how we let our emotions dictate our personal and professional lives.


The complex equation of the mind with vulnerability

In fact, it takes a while for our mind to come to terms with our vulnerability. Dwelling in a mode of denial, our mind is filled with confusion and uneasiness. Gradually we identify our vulnerabilities, explore and expose them, accepting them as a part of our life; not as our flaw or weakness but as our uniqueness, that makes us distinct with our individuality. It brings us to a point of realisation where imperfection is accepted as a way of life. We start reforming our minds that control our thinking, rather than dismissing things in black and white terms.

The transforming quality in vulnerability

It takes courage to own up to one’s flaws and prefer sincerity over pretence. Deeper interactions and empathy can make it possible. . One becomes resilient and self-aware, which in turn promotes progress; all of which is built on trust. The positive outcome of vulnerability is seen when we encourage others to be vulnerable; which happens when we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable. The cornerstone behind this strongly forged human connection is sincerity, based on mutual respect and understanding. Personal development ensues as we encounter and open ourselves to new possibilities when facing fears and insecurities. This process naturally fosters compassion and empathy as we become more sensitive to the difficulties faced by others. We learn the importance of acceptance and self-love as we enjoy our uniqueness by accepting our shortcomings. Free of self doubt, we enjoy a life of confidence.


Turning vulnerability into our source of strength

Vulnerability can be our hidden superpower that we often overlook. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we open up a world of possibilities. This can be compared with the act of an artist working on a painting . As he starts on a blank canvas, vulnerable to the uncertainties of creation, he lets his emotions guide the brushstrokes. In this vulnerability, they find their true artistic voice, creating something unique and powerful. In life as we open out our feelings, fears, and dreams and invite others to do the same, our honesty builds trust and understanding, strengthening our relationships in ways we never imagined.Vulnerability is like that crack in a seed, which opens up the opportunities towards growth and transformation.
Moreover, when we face our fears head-on and acknowledge our vulnerabilities, we become more resilient. We acquire the strength to overcome our challenges, learn and grow from adversity. It is that which unifies us; and thus can never be weakening. It can only be our strength.


About the authors

The article has been contributed by the following students from Auxilium Convent School Bandel: Ishika Saha, Anjika Jain, Harshita Choudhary and Rupsa Kanjilal.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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