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June 7, 2024by Editorial Team
Be brutally honest

It is an allowance we need. It will set us free and open us to a world of possibilities. But first we need to break through the prison walls of our mind.

Deconstructing vulnerability and debunking the myths

Ever since childhood, we have been conditioned to accepting strength and dependability as virtues as exemplified by adults.Showing emotions was considered a sign of weakness. As I embarked on my research on vulnerability, I found this idea of vulnerability was not agreeable. I renewed my understanding of vulnerability itself after which I realised it could be made our strength.

As I set about debunking several myths surrounding it, I realised it is important to dismiss vulnerability as a sign of weakness. It takes immense courage to open oneself before others. When we express ourselves entirely and authentically and not just show what we think they should see, we build trust in a relationship. .Another myth surrounds the idea of glorifying individual excellence. We build solidarity as a team since achieving anything singularly is not realistic or sustainable. This entire process is certainly far from a comfortable one; but this is the way one can actually break the glass walls surrounding us.


Are people comfortable expressing their vulnerability?

Humans are reluctant to express their vulnerabilities as a part of self-preservation. They apprehend that those around them are not their well-wishers and hence prefer to keep themselves at a safe distance from others.. They internalize their negative thoughts and blame their own weakness for any past unpleasant incident. Further, their own imperfections instil in them a sense of fear. People are unnaturally obsessed with the idea of being perfect, rather than putting in their best efforts.We lose out on the best mode of learning, i.e. our mistakes, by trying to remove it from our lives.

The need to be vulnerable

It is important to understand that though exposing our vulnerability can be risky, it is a necessary risk.Being in vulnerable situations boosts our confidence and empowers us to handle challenges. We can make genuine connections with people with strengthened relationships. Acceptance of our vulnerability makes us accept the feelings of joy, gratitude and love which we otherwise numb when we suppress our vulnerability. We actually expose our human qualities. Through this process, our acceptance of our imperfections makes us self-aware, opening up unexplored paths for growth and learning. As we accept our vulnerabilities, we become more adept in handling our negative emotions in life. Vulnerability thus becomes the solution instead of the problem.


How to make vulnerability your strength

Primarily it is important to be brutally honest with ourselves so that we love and embrace our true selves with our mistakes, that only make us human. Our efforts should be directed towards excellence rather than being perfect. In the process, when we encounter adverse situations that we cannot change, we should accept them and move forward. One should free one’s mind from the lack of self worth and not try to prove oneself, nor please others.

The process is painstaking and demands patience. As we try to be our authentic selves, it is important to set the boundaries in place that will protect us from being harmed by those who may take advantage of our vulnerabilities.

About the author

The article has been contributed by Rajashree Ghosh from Auxilium Convent School, Bandel.

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Get free advice from Global Experts on how your institution can be Future Ready with Experiential Education through S.T.E.A.M.

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