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The world needs sustainable solutions for a better future. One of the ways in which it can be done is by moving into a circular economy where the life cycle of products are extended thereby creating future value. This means reducing waste which is normally created by a linear economy. In brief, a linear economy is where we Take, Make and Waste and a circular economy is where we Make, Use and Recycle.

To sustain and benefit from a circular economy, the world needs innovators and problem solvers in almost every walk of life. ISR aims to foster youth by harnessing the essential transferable know-how and equipping them with STEAM based knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for building a sustainable future through a smart circular economy.
ISR specializes in developing one into a lifelong learner empowering them with the capability to effectively and creatively apply their skills to complex situations in their day to day life in a sustainable manner. This will help in preparing for future job demands. Hence, promoting invention literary, experiential learning and higher order thinking through the 21st Century 4C Skills - Communication, Creativity, Collaboration & Critical Thinking, are of paramount importance.

Industry 4.0 is advancing and impacting various aspects of our society through convergence of Robotics, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Data Analytics and futuristic technologies. The convergence of Science and Technology through the use of Engineering and Artistic processes, based on the principles of Mathematics called STEAM has become increasingly critical in developing holistic innovation and contributing towards the UN SDGs.

ISR conducts customized skill and capacity building courses and workshops for Social Development Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, Vocational & Technical Training Institutions, Corporate and Business Entities.

FREE STEAM@home activities

FREE STEAM@home activities

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