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Learning is beautiful when it is purposeful and has real world connections. It is of paramount importance to help children understand the concepts they learn with a real world connect. Hence, our inquiry-based programmes/modules incorporates the 21st century life skills through the 4Cs to help students explore the realities of working and thriving in the ever evolving work environments in a mindful manner. ISR contributes towards the holistic growth of every student. 4Cs represent the practices of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. These practices are needed for a holistic growth.
Equipped with the most comprehensive repository of dynamic STEM / STEAM inquiry-based modules including futuristic technologies like Robotics, Drones, AI, IOT, Coding etc, we engage students in a hands-on manner by bringing innovative STEAM activities into the classroom without putting any burden on to the school management. We can customize the programmes/modules as per the need and convenience of the school for all grades and genders. Our modules add value to the national and state standard curriculums through experiential learning. Students will perform better in their academic studies in school as their learning path will become more receptive and logical.

We promote invention literacy through active participation of students eliminating the fear of failure by encouraging them to Ask, Research, Imagine, Plan, Collaborate, Create, Experiment, Improve and Document, along with the most important ingredient for learning and memory, that is, Fun. These are all integral to the Design Thinking process. The outcome of such STEAM engagement will help students become versatile problem solvers of the future.

ISR experiential learning modules and programmes are designed on a sustainable ISR Framework of 7Es and CRM. It is based on integrated learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics with the core based on bloom's taxonomy and 4Cs of the 21st Century Skills. It is designed with the aim to developing lifelong learners who are empowered with the capability to effectively and creatively apply their competencies to complex situations in their day to day life in a sustainable manner as well as be ready for future jobs.

We evaluate students on their progress in STEAM activities using our evaluation rubrics, which focuses on - objectives, concepts, cognitive understanding and application. Our proven STEAM programmes are embraced by schools, children and their parents.

Our STEAM facilitators are given a well-rounded and extensive training on not just the ISR modules and programmes but also to provide a fun learning experience for students.

Tell us your STEAM needs or invite us for a discussion and we would be glad to be of help.

FREE STEAM@home activities

FREE STEAM@home activities

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